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Shelter Manager

Hello, my name is Rosy, I am 35 years old and I am the director of the Yvonneka Foundation shelter, more than my job is my passion and more than a working day each day is an adventure full of ups and downs, full of great joys and sorrows.

But how did it all start? Where does my love for dogs come from? How did the idea come about?

I have always had love for all animals, but since my childhood dogs have been special, I do not have a specific reason, only that face full of love with the tongue always from outside melts my heart, I had some dogs during my childhood, they were always dogs Found and adopted after a few good tears my mother convinced me, but my true passion was born in Puerto Vallarta.

I came to this city when I was 19 years old, and I have always had pets, my sister adopted every cat that was in the street, together once we adopted Daisy, then I rescued Moka and Gala, but I was always more a means to help these animals to find a home, a family to adopt them, the first time I adopted a dog that I rescued, Mezcal was my current pet.

When I adopted him, I did not plan it, he simply came into my life, I had a job that took a long time, this sometimes prevented me from dedicating the time he needed, of course I looked for thousands of alternatives, but for one thing or another I never found the ideal .

The more time passed and the guilt and stress of having my puppy bored and alone at home gave rise to the idea of ​​a place, where I could leave him and know that he would be accompanied and happy, for a year or more this idea haunted my head and I was wondering when such a place is going to exist in Puerto Vallarta.

I finally started the project of putting up a shelter at the end of 2019, the first four months were smooth sailing, I began to have contact with more and more rescuers who were looking for temporary homes for their dogs, also people who had the same need that I had with Mezcal to find a place for their dogs to de-stress for a little while during the day, while they worked.

In March 2020. The crisis started with covid 19, I call it a crisis because it affected hundreds of businesses in the port economically, which also affected us and we had to close.

This was the moment in which I was contacted by a rescuer with several years of experience dedicating herself to the rescue of street dogs, and thanks to Yvonne Kalman and the support she gave us with the “Yvoneka Foundation” she joined me again with a new project Yvonneka Foudation’s refuge was opened.

Now we work together on various projects, together and with the support of rescuers and collaborators we have rescued / supported in the rescue of more than 100 dogs that have been sterilized, vaccinated and readapted to live with human beings and with other dogs. I can also proudly say that we have found homes for the vast majority.

It’s easy to say, but it is hard work, which fills my heart with joy and satisfaction, but there is no time to get sentimental, this is just beginning!