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Yvonneka Foundation is a dog’s best friend.

The dog on the road that has been hit and left to die will have care from Yvonneka Foundation.

The dog that lived in a house and that has been thrown on the street will have a home at Yvonneka Foundation.

The dog that no other rescuer or organization can keep will have a home at Yvonneka Foundation.

The dog that lives in the home as a family — we will do everything to make its owners responsible pet parents.

Yvonneka Foundation operates a shelter.

Dogs go out of a shelter only in two ways — they get adopted or they die.

Yvonneka Foundation is a home.

Dogs that come to us come to live a fulfilling life.

They will want for nothing — food, shelter, care and company.

Creating the resources to make that happen is the responsibility of each person who works at Yvonneka Foundation.

Everyone’s bills get paid after the dogs’ bills get paid.

If someone can’t put their weight behind the Yvonneka Foundation dogs they have no reason to be in Yvonneka Foundation.

Yvonneka Foundation believes that all dogs should be neutered — that includes all pet dogs and stray dogs.

Yvonneka Foundation is pro-life on mothers.

If a female dog is pregnant she will not be aborted.

If she has delivered, her babies are our babies.

Yvonneka Foundation will not euthanize a dog because we have no space, no resources, or not enough care.

NO veterinarian will ever make that decision for any Yvonneka Foundation dog. Ever.

The only valid reason to let a dog go is if that the dog is in insufferable pain AND has reached a point of no return.

For no other reason.

And that decision will ultimately be taken by the Yvonneka Foundation Founder until such time that the decision is deferred to someone else.

All decisions that Yvonneka Foundation makes — about raising funds, creating an organization, hiring people, hiring vendors and using technology has one single purpose — how do we make the lives of Mexican dogs better.

At the very centre of any decision are the dogs in our care.
Any decision that endangers them in the short term, and that does not provide them with a better long term future, is invalid.

Yvonneka Foundation does not exist to run businesses and make money to enrich shareholders.

Yvonneka Foundation and Yvonneka Foundation’s business exist to create the best ecosystem and infrastructure for Mexico’s dogs.

Yvonneka Foundation will always be a non-profit that runs these legitimate enterprises to create the resources available for Mexico’s dogs.

Yvonneka Foundation will always have the best canine talent in the country and internationally available for us to create these enterprises and deliver care for Mexico’s dogs.

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Yvonneka Foundation Field Trip Waiver

Thank you for taking one of our shelter dogs on a Field Trip! The Field Trip Program offers our shelter dogs a chance to socialize and exercise while being exposed to the public to encourage adoptions. The Yvonneka Foundation relies donations from wonderful people like you to help provide the funding we need to care for our animals and get them adopted.

  • I understand this animal is legally the property of the Yvonneka Foundation . While this animal is in my custody, I will be liable for the care and wellbeing of said animal as well as follow Puerto Vallarta laws and regulations.
  • I understand that the dog in my care is required to, and will remain secured on, a leash by with the adopt me harness at all times. *
  • I understand that the person in control of the leash must be 18 years of age or older. Therefore, I am legally admitting to being of necessary age. *
  • I understand that this field trip dog must be returned no later than 5:00 p.m. I will contact Yvonneka Foundation staff if I want to keep the dog longer. If the animal in my possession is not returned by the deadline, I may be charged a late fee. *
  • I understand that I am responsible for contacting the Yvonneka Foundation immediately in the event the animal becomes overheated, injured or is in distress, becomes lost, or is stolen. *
  • I understand I may only take my field trip dog to locations on the approved destination list. *
  • I understand that animals are different from human beings in their responses to human actions, and the actions of the animals are often unpredictable. An animal’s behavior may change after he/she leaves the shelter. *
  • I hereby accept temporary possession of, right to, title to and responsibility for this Field Trip animal and hereby release and discharge Yvonneka Foundation forever from any liability for any injury or damages to any person or property caused by this Field Trip animal. *
  • I discharge Yvonneka Foundation from any causes of action, claims, suits or demands whatsoever that may arise as a result of such injury or damages, including instances involving the negligence of Yvonneka Foundation. *
  • I agree to indemnify Yvonneka Foundation from any such liability, causes of action, claims, suits or demands. I understand that I am responsible for all costs associated with the events involved with this Field Trip animal as of the date of this contract. *
  • If I would like to adopt the dog I have taken on a field trip, I understand I must fill out an adoption application and additional fees may apply. *
  • I understand that the Yvonneka Foundation reserves the right to deny service at any time. *

Register for Field Trip

Thank you for sharing your love and taking the time to walk one of our shelter dogs that is awaiting their forever home.

Please register and Jessy will contact you to arrange the details for your excursion.

Dog Walk Report

Thank you for sharing your love and taking the time to walk one of our shelter dogs that is awaiting their forever home.

Please share some comments about your day and any photos or video that we can share with our supporters.