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Puppy's Looking for a Forever Home -Making a Difference One Tail at a Time

Every dog deserves a forever home, a place of safety and affection. The Yvonneka Foundation stands as a beacon for this very cause.

Sadly, the streets of Puerto Vallarta often tell tales of abandoned dogs. Yet, within this challenge lies an opportunity. Through the noble act of dog adoption at Yvonneka Foundation, these stories can find happier endings.

The journey of adopting a dog doesn’t end once you leave the shelter. The next crucial step is how to integrate an adopted dog into the family. This integration can take time, patience, and understanding. Being aware of the dog’s past and easing them into their new environment is essential. Consistent routines, gradual introductions, and mutual trust will eventually make your adopted pet feel right at home.

By adopting from the Yvonneka Foundation, you’re offering a lifeline to a dog in need and enriching your life in the process.

Puppy Adoption

We are looking for qualified forever homes for our rescue dogs and would love to hear from you if you are looking for a four legged addition to you family. Please assist us with some information by filling out the form below and we will be in contact shortly.