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They are both thriving

I thought I’d send you some pictures of the puppies and doggy family.  As you can see, they are all buddies. The picture of the three white dogs picture are Maggie, Lucy and Panchito. Next photo is Roxy staring at Lucy while she eats; she loves to eat the adult food even though she has […]

We are so pleased with her temperament

I just wanted to write an official thank you letter from our family! From day 1, Loba has been a complete angel. I have no words for her perfection, she is everything you said she would be and more. We are so pleased with her temperament. After day 3, she came out of her shell […]

Visiting Puppy Paradise was the highlight

“Visiting Puppy Paradise was the highlight of our two months in Puerto Vallarta. It was heartwarming to see how beautifully the pups of all ages are cared for and got along with each other. And it was love at first sight when our 6 month old Lotus was placed in my lap during lunch. She […]