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I just wanted to write an official thank you letter from our family! From day 1, Loba has been a complete angel.

I have no words for her perfection, she is everything you said she would be and more. We are so pleased with her temperament.

After day 3, she came out of her shell and has started initiating play fights with our other dog, Duke. This is exactly the type of playmate he needed for his high energy!

On day 5, my 1 year old daughter accidentally stepped on Loba’s foot as Loba was resting next to the couch. I thought for sure, as per the note in her foster analysis, she would lunge or snap due to her feet being touched. Nothing, she didn’t even bat an eye. She is so gentle with the kids, and so patient with their toddler tactics.

As for me, because I was the one who drove 2.5 hours home with her, she has latched onto me as her assumed “alpha”. Whenever I stand up, she will perk up to see if I am leaving the room, and joins me everywhere I go.

Her favourite place is right at my feet in front of me on the couch. When we go on walks, she never pulls on the lead. Even with a 6′ lead, there is always slack in the line, and most times she is happy just to stroll beside me.

When she is off-lead in the yard, her run is the funniest thing ever. Her stepping pattern is akin to a rabbit, and it is quite entertaining to watch, but she is happy.

She’s not a fan of the stuffy toys our other dog loves, and much prefers our kids’ toy blocks, so were working on updating their toy bin to include more hard-shell toys.

I thought for certain that her calm laid-back temperament and sweet personality MUST be due to jet lag or the transition phase. Yet, even as she warms up to the family and her new home, she has maintained these characteristics.

I love her, I would do anything for her. I have grown up with many dogs around me, I have interacted with all types and breeds, but Loba is by far the best dog I have ever had the opportunity to meet.

Thank you so much for everything, I could never have expected adoption to be so fulfilling! I will definitely be recommending you to anyone who is looking for a new companion.

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